At CCHFA, Music is fun! 

We believe that anyone can learn to play an instrument or sing! CCHFA will find the class that your student will love. 

Our programs teach students how to play an instrument or sing, perform at football games, concerts and other exciting events.

The teachers know their stuff and are highly trained in their area of expertise. Each teacher brings passion for the fine arts to our students that sparks the joy of being creative. 

We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes because we start from square one and take students as far into music as they want to go. 

Because a student can progress to a high level, if they want to pursue music as a career, we can even prep them for college auditions. 

In addition to the traditional band offerings, CCHFA also has a Jazz band that performs regularly in the McKinney area!

As you can see, the CCHFA program is the perfect addition to any homeschool curriculum. An added bonus for many parents is that they are able to drop their kids off and enjoy time shopping or relaxing with a coffee in the McKinney Square. 

The CCHFA class schedule covers a full school year from August to May and includes an easy payment plan. 

Check out the 2020-2021 school year class offerings. You will find that we offer both band and orchestra classes.  Private lessons are also available for those interested.

Already know which classes to sign up for?